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One of the biggest mistakes that employers make is to work their employees to the bone. Although it is true that you want to optimize your employees to work at their optimal. However you have to make sure that how you are treating them will make them more productive rather than giving them more stressed. Which is why we decided to dedicate this article from “The Tipbox” series to talk about the four tips to minimize employees’ stress in order to boost their work productivity. When choosing between quality and quantity, always choose quality. The idea is the same when approaching the work of an employee. You should prefer getting quality results from your employees than high quantity of result with low quality work. Why is this so? Low quality work often reduces the quality of your startup brand and operations. It will lead to further inefficiency and the need to redo process all over again. When you choose quality work over quantity work, you are asking your employees to do less in exchange for better quality work. This can be done by reducing their stress at work so that they can be more productive. So how do you do the following? 1 . Be a Companion to Your Company It is very important for leaders to also be a companion for your employees. Take some time to get to know your employees. Ask them about the stresses they have at work and outside work. And see if there is something within your reach that could help them with their burden. If star employees feel that you are invested in them not only at work but also personally, they will be more loyal to the company and not easily stolen by your competitors. 2 . Maintain Realistic Expectation Stick to reasonable expectations. Remember that your employees are humans not robots. Therefore make sure you understand their capabilities and make targets, goals and expectation based on those capabilities. Making lower expectations causes employees to be lazy because they find their work too easy. However setting targets too high hurts employees moral as well. If you set unrealistic expectation, there is a high chance that your employees will leave as soon as they get the opportunity. 3 . Encourage Healthy Practice to Your Employees Encourage healthy practice among your employees. In order words, maintain a healthy and honest work environment for your employees. In addition, although competition is good, try to promote cooperation among employees rather than competition. If there is too much pressure to compete among employees, they will try to back-stab each other and you wouldn’t get the best results. In addition, if the work environment is too strict, then there will be dishonest habits that is going to be adopted by your employees. You want to ensure discipline among the work place, but don’t make it too strict that your employees feel the need to lie and break the rules behind your back that you end up distrusting your employees. Another thing you can do is to ensure that your employees are taking care of themselves and staying healthy. If they get sick, then they won’t be productive might get other employees sick as well. You can prevent this by having a monthly company check-up or put some budget for preventive measures like vitamins. 4 . If You Promote Balance, Seek It Out Yourself Lastly, if you promote balance, seek it out yourself. In order words, if you want your employees to act a certain way, make sure you’re providing the example by acting the same way. People pay attention to actions more than words. In order if you are acting according to the rules you set out for the employees, the employees will do the same. However if you set the rules and do not act upon it, then your employees will also break it when you’re not paying attention.


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