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When starting your startup, the first thing you need is a solid founder’s team that will build your startup with you. Whether they are your co-founders or your employees, it is important they complement each other. No one in your founder team should do the same thing as another. They can help each other but they cannot have the same task or responsibilities. Especially if you are currently bootstrapping your startup, you cannot afford to burn your resources on expenses that are not optimal.   1. The Starter First in our list is the starter. The starter is the founder or the employee that likes to initiate new projects or ideas. They are the first to come up with campaign and event ideas. They are the initiate and plan new projects and ensure that all projects are feasible and useful for the startup. 2. The Supporter Second in our list is the supporter. The supporter is a person that holds the team together. They are okay with going out of their comfort zone in order to ensure team synergy is at its best. This person is willing to help out any of the other team members in the task they are currently struggling in. 3. The Passionate One Next in our list is the passionate one. This person is probably the most loyal person to the startup because he or she truly believes the startup. This person may become annoying at times due to their endless passion to the startup, however during bad times, he or she will be the one that remind the rest of the team why they ventured in creating the startup. The passionate one is the person that inspire the rest of the team members to dedicate more for the startup. 4. The Criticizer The criticizer is probably more annoying than the passionate one because they may delay most of the projects in the startup. However, without the criticizer the final outcome from the project might not meet its KPI. Although the criticizer can be quite negative and may bring down the mood contrary to the passionate one, the criticizer ensures that everything is done effectively with great quality. With the criticizer pointing out all the flaws in the project or idea, the team can work better to create a better idea and do the project better. 5. The Finisher Last in the list is the finisher. The finisher is probably the most goal-orientated individual in the founder’s team. He or she receives joy when achieving his or her goal and when the team completes a certain project. Because the finisher loves to see projects through, the finisher will do whatever it takes to make sure everyone is on task so that the startup can finish the project at the allocated deadline. So which one of these five types of people are you? The better question: do your startup have these five people yet in your founder’s team? If you haven’t go and find them! To read more of our articles and hear our updates for Ideabox and startups in our portfolio go to our blog.


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