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There’s no doubt that there are many risks involved when creating your own startup. However when you start your startup with one or more co-founder(s), you have more people ensuring the success of your startup. In addition you can share the risk and expenses of your startup with your co-founder(s) by bootstrapping. In this article, we will give you tips to help you find your potential co-founder(s), if you are looking for one or planning to look for one in the future.

1.Online social platforms

First thing

you can do is signing up in online social platforms such as Facebook,, Instagram, and many other social platforms. There you can join groups of individuals who are also interested in creating a startup. In these groups, you can find similar individuals who wants to create a startup but are looking for

partners to start it with.

2. Going to Networking Events for co-working spaces.

Occasionally co-working spaces like Kejora HQ often create workshops and seminar events for individuals interested in joining the startup world. In these events, you might be able to meet other individuals who are equally interested in creating the same startup as you are. If you didn’t find your potential co-founder in these networking events, at least you will meet and network with other founders that might work with you in the future.

3. Attending Hackathons

You never know what can happen in a Hackathon. By joining Hackathons like the Startup Weekend, you might build your startup idea and founder team. There has been many successful stories of founders meeting and working together in an hackathon event. Due to the success of creating an innovative business model idea, they decided to continue it further outside the hackathon and succeeded to get funding from investors.

4. Meet Angel Investors and Mentors

When meeting angel investors and mentors who are interested in your startup idea, they might be able to connect you with other individuals who had pitched a similar startup idea as you did. In addition, they might be able to connect you with individuals with the complementary skills as you do in order to create your startup.

5. Join a startup community

Join startup communities like #StartupLokal and many more. By joining these startup communities, you can be notified of the upcoming events and maybe meet your potential co-founder(s) in the next event.


Starting a startup is no stroll in the park, by having co-founder(s) to share the burden and responsibility of creating a startup will be very beneficial in the future. But of course, finding co-founder(s) is not easy either. Similar to dating,

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when you are looking for a business partner, you have to make sure your partner(s) are compatible with you and shares the same belief for the future of the startup.





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