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logo-ngomik Andy Zain, the initiator of Ideabox Accelerator Program, stated that comics app for mobile platforms, Ngomik has obtained business valuation more than $ 1 million (more than IDR 11 billion) and will soon obtain external funding from Japanese investors. Ngomik is one of the first batch of Ideabox participants who had completed the program in June. Such information is clearly a breath of fresh air for the development of Ngomik. Ideabox incubation program has significantly given the development team Ngomik an opportunity to expand its presence, both to attract customers and investors. Ngomik‚Äôs founder, Wisnu Manupraba is optimistic Ngomik can draw two million readers throughout the year 2014. Ngomik is now available for mobile phones with Android platform and already has more than 80,000 registered users with about 2,700 comic artists. Ngomik has reached more than 6,500 comic titles and supported by 11,000 chapters in it. In addition to developing the application itself, the development team also developed a white label application for a number of major publishers. About his decision to focus on the Android platform, Wisnu said, “Right now Android is the fastest growing handset in Indonesia. We believe in developing on the Android platform, the market prospects are quite large. ” Opportunities like this are expected to be obtained by the following startup of Ideabox incubation program. Ideabox is opening a second batch enrollment and extended to 27 August. Based on the experience of the developer Shoop! Brian Arfi Faridhi, who also has a startup from Ideabox the first batch, stated that much deeper experience and wider networks are definitely gained through Ideabox program, especially for beginners startup enthusiasts. Ideabox 2nd batch is expected to attract more startups -not only four startups like its 1st batch- which will be derived from many cities of Indonesia and even from abroad. Ideabox program allows foreigners to participate in the program on the condition that the company later registered and incorporated in Indonesia. Original Article by DailySocial Download Ngomik App on Google Play Store


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