PROGRAM 2016-2017


Import and Export are very complex in Indonesia. Our country is ranked 108th in ‘ease of cross-border trading’ by the world bank, next to tiny country like Honduras. This complexity is limiting potential growth of the country’s SMEs in accessing the global market. Andalin provide a one-stop solution website for SMEs to source import and export services by integrating various cross-border logistics. Our target customers are manufacturing and trading SMEs who would like to import or export products. There are roughly 19million SMEs in this sector, contributing to 14% of Indonesia trade value. By integrating services from shipping agents, dropship facilities, and customs clearance, Andalin is able to simplify the import and export process.

CEO: Rifki Pratomo


Ayoslide is a mobile advertising application that enables brand engage with users through Android Lock Screens and in-app. Advertiser will be able to advertise their product using our multiple services such as cost per impression, per click, per install, per video, per like, per engagement, per share, and many more.

Ayoslide offers users cash incentives and surprise gifts each time they engage with the ads. Users can redeem their cash into phone credits, game vouchers, electricity vouchers, and also shopping vouchers.


Sevva is an integrated rental service for modern urban people to experience a product without buying them, safely and easily. Freely choose from various product categories: Baby & Kids, Photography, Travel and Fashion, all aggregated and curated within Sevva. Say goodbye to lengthy response times. With Sevva, you can directly chat with the product owner to arrange meetups or product delivery right within Sevva. Ever wanted to use a product, but only for a while? With Sevva, you can save money by paying only a fraction of the product’s retail price and share the experience with the world. Ever bought some stuff that you only use for a while and now you rarely use them anymore? You can also make money by listing out the stuff through Sevva.
Sevva aims to provide a smarter, alternative solution to using products without the need to buy them. In Sevva, you only need to return the stuff and you keep the experience.

CEO: Erik Hormein