PROGRAM 2014-2015


We offer a wide range of fun activities and adventure tour packages to meet your needs. Ranging from thrilling adventures to family fun holiday, Gogonesia has a very unique activities for you to admire the beauty and diversity of culture in Indonesia. An easy online ordering platform where you can quickly find and book activities and experiences at the most competitive prices available today.

CEO: Melieyana Tjioe (

Antar is a courier system on top of OJEK infrastructure in urban cities.
Using an existing and widespread infrastructure with +100.000 ojek, OJEK+ bring value by offering companies and individuals courier delivery using smart app solution. The service offers more a reliability and higher quality using courier transport.
Value for drivers of ojek is that they can use morning and evening for transport of people and add courier in between. More jobs with fast and smart information on mobile.

Service calculates distance and price. It finds the drivers. It arranges the payment and it gathers feedback and reviews.

CEO: Edy Wihardja (


Cupslice is an easy-to-use photography app that offers lots of filters, frames and badges with added basic editing tool. There is also an option to add stickers. Its polished, fast and sleek design makes it stand out among the rest.

Cool updates related to existing media trends, app works from android 2.2 (froyo). Cupslice Café is a service where you can purchase items for use in Cupslice photo editor. Already commercialized with increasing revenues.

CEO: Abdur Sayaf (


Pawoon is a cloud-based Point of Sale (POS) application that is simple, smart, and affordable for small business. Pawoon helps small business owners to manage their stores more efficiently and grow their business faster, anytime and from anywhere. There is a huge number of SME in Indonesia, however only a small portion of them use technology to run their business, presenting a good market opportunity.

CEO: Ahmad Gadi (

Loyal Box

LoyalBox is a mobile application as digital stamp cards that helps retailers to engage and retain their customers securely and efficiently. Currently, even with the many traditional loyalty methods out there, many retailers still face a crucial problem of not knowing how many and which customers they lose per month. Loyalbox was created to solve this problem. Through our powerful CRM platform, Loyalbox helps retailers to detect customers that have not been returning and we provide the tools retailers need to re-capture lost customers. Through our digital stamp cards, retailers can now set up a fully customizable loyalty program that is secured, easy to use, and fast to implement to delight their customers.

CEO: Steven Suliawan (


Wifimu offers to convert business owners wifi from business liability to digital marketing assets.
As business owners that have Wi-Fi network without any value added to their Wi-Fi services. They provide Wi-Fi to their customer just as a have to do list. Most of the venue don’t know about their customer behavior because they have no data about their customer.

CEO: silvia liem (


Wobe is an Android app to deliver free high quality vocational classes in text and video,
in local languages. The app also allows them to become resellers of pulsa, leading to the creation of side income.

WoBe can help them make good decisions for themselves and for their families through education, and empower them with additional side income through micro-business opportunities.

They have a team of educators experienced in emerging economies who will offer a curriculum designed for low-income women.

CEO: Adrianna Tan (