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After a quite long journey since early July this year. We started our journey by having some roadshows to some cities in Indonesia and we got almost 300 applications coming in (thrice number since Ideabox Batch 1). In August, we had these applications shortlisted to Top 40 and then we decided 18 finalists to come to Ideabox Bootcamp on September 13-14th. Find out more photos from Ideabox Batch 2 Bootcamp. On the 1st day of Ideabox Batch 2 Bootcamp, we had an opening speech by Andy Zain and Tauseef Riaz. All finalists were very enthusiast, but very nervous when they had to pitch for the first time in front of all finalists and mentors, yet all of them were ready to pitch because prior to Bootcamp Day, we gave them some assignment to do to get them prepared. They might find those assignment were very hard to achieve but once they did it, they realised that it was actually a very good preparation. Ideabox Bootcamp 2 Ideabox Bootcamp 3 Over 20 mentors came to Ideabox Bootcamp to share their experience and advice to finalists. During mentors visit, everyone was full of energy to meet new people and networking. A few mentors’ name that quite familiar in tech-startup industry: Andy Zain, Tauseef Riaz, Sebastian Togelang, Natali Ardianto, Alfred Boediman, Andy Sjarif, Denny Santoso, Pontus Sonnerstedt, Weihan Liew, and many more. Ideabox Bootcamp 4 Ideabox Bootcamp 5 Ideabox Bootcamp 6 Ideabox Bootcamp 7 Ideabox Bootcamp 8 And…only in Ideabox Bootcamp we had a yoga session. Stretching, bending, and balancing are important for startups. Ideabox Bootcamp 9 Ideabox Bootcamp 10 On the 2nd day, Ideabox finalists started the day with more friendly atmosphere because they all now became friends. Spotted all finalists made use of paper to make beautiful bulletin board as tools to explain about their product. Ideabox Bootcamp 11 Ideabox Bootcamp 12 Ideabox Bootcamp 13 Ideabox Bootcamp 14 Ideabox Bootcamp 15 We also had J.P. Ellis from to share his experience and story about startups and testimony session from some Ideabox Batch 1 teams. Ideabox Bootcamp 16 Ideabox Bootcamp 17 Ideabox Bootcamp 18


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