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It’s now two weeks before we end 2015, and we, the Ideabox Family, would like to thank everyone who have been supporting us this year. It has been a great years, we had our ups and down, but everything ended in a high note as we finish up in creating our MVP products. As we enter the year 2016, please look forward to good things to come from our Ideabox Family. This week we focused in Project Management as our mentor from Weekend Inc., Andoko Chandra, came to talk to us about effective project management.

This week with Mr. Chandra, we brought the different development management strategies in further depth. We revisited the Waterfall method of product development and we compared it with the Agile method. We also went into more detail about the Agile Method, Principles, Philosophy, and Manifesto. We went through the different process of Agile method of product development and explained the SCRUM Process. We talked about the advantages of using the SCRUM Process and its disadvantages. In addition, we briefly touched the subject of Kanban, XP, and RUP/AUP Process method of product development management. Mr. Chandra also told us which project management tools he recommend our founder teams to use.

The session was very informational and useful for our teams as they continued to focus in their product development and design for the rest of the week with occasional one-on-one visits from our mentors from Weekend Inc. We, the Ideabox team, are excited for the coming year and can’t wait to update everyone on the progress of our founder teams from Ideabox Batch 3 Program.


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