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Is your startup currently low on marketing budget? Well if you are, then you’re in luck. In this article for our Ideabox “The Tipbox” series, we will talk about tips on how to build online presence for your startup with zero marketing budget. When you build your online presence organically, meaning that you use original content to advertise your startup brand, you won’t have to spend money to advertise in social media platforms. However keep in mind that when you go for organic awareness for your brand, results doesn’t come quick. The reason people use paid online marketing is because they want results as soon as possible. In addition platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Google prioritize paying users. Our recommendation is to get organic online awareness if you have a low marketing budget. However when you can afford online marketing, we recommend paid advertising for faster increase in traction. So what are the five tips in building online presence with zero marketing budget: 1 . Make a Video and upload it to various social media platforms Making a video is not that difficult. Simply get a device that can record a video and talk or explain things related to your startup products or services. Of course, you can make it as creative as you want. You can make a video with animations or make a video production that involves a little story plot and acting. The better the quality and content, the higher chance it is for it to become viral. Remember to upload the video to the different social media platforms rather than uploading to one platform and sharing it to another. The algorithm in the different social media platforms favor original content from their platform, therefore you can get more exposure if you directly upload your video to the various social media platforms you are using. 2 . Turn the video into a blog post Some people might not have the convenience to watch your video due to being in a public place, being too busy. have no access to view the video or simply have not enough time to watch it. Therefore you should turn your video into a blog post. You can write a summary of your video into a blog post, post the script for the video as a blog post or transcript your video into words. For audience who do not have the time to immediately view your content, this is a better option as they can save the page and read it later when they are free. 3 . Turn the video into an audio podcast For audience with low preference to reading, you can turn your video content into an audio podcast. This can be very beneficial for those who are travelling. They can turn on their device and hear your audio podcast when they are driving or in public transports. 4 . Send the Video to your email list The beauty of having an email list is that you can directly message your users and fans of your startup. By creating an email list, you can add a personal touch to your emails when you send them your video content. In addition if they have any questions or feedback. 5. Post social media updates on your video or use make a live-streaming video about your video in websites like Facebook and Periscope. Lastly, do not forget to put updates in your social media platforms about your video content once in awhile. You don’t have to create original content all the time, you can make a new video talking about your video content and refer to it so that your audience can re-watch your video content. You can open a live-streaming channel in Facebook or Periscope to talk about your video content and interact with your audience. During this interaction, you can understand your audience better and maybe get new inspiration of your new original video content you will make next. You can do so many thing in social media platforms that will allow you to advertise your startup for free, but don’t forget to optimize your strategies. Focus in the social media platforms that gives you great results. Also find out what type of content works best in a specific social media platform. Never forget to use analytics for your social media platforms and your leads. And best luck in increasing your online awareness for your startup.


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Published on May 19, 2016 | Uncategorized | All rights reserved by the author.