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When creating a startup, you have to work efficiently because there are so many things that needs to be. However, because startups lack in resources, talents working in startups have to take on more responsibilities and work other compared to those in big corporates. No matter how productive an employee works, there they won’t work at their optimal if the startup doesn’t do meetings effectively. So here are five tips founders and managers can follow in order to have effective meetings with your employees. 1. Set a clear agenda ahead of time. Before the start of the meeting, make sure everyone attending the meeting already know what they want to talk about and share it with the other attendees. By doing this the attendees of the meeting can prepare themselves with materials for the topic. Setting a clear agenda to all attendees ahead of time will also help the meeting flow to run smoothly and efficiently. Another benefit to setting a clear agenda ahead of time is that you can sort out decisions that can be done without the need of the meeting. When having a meeting make sure you really need to have the meeting. If you make a meeting just for the sake of having a meeting, then you are just wasting the time of all the attendees in the meeting. 2. Save Updates for Emails. You don’t need to discuss with your colleagues or employees regarding updates of the company, therefore take it out from the meetings and put them in emails. By doing the following, you will save a lot of time in the meeting and directly tackle the main objective for holding the meeting. If you decide to implement this tip, make sure you remind everyone to read their email for updates before meetings so that everyone is on the same page. 3. Assign a person in-charge to lead the meeting. A disorganized meeting is will lead to an inefficient meeting. When there are many people speaking and there is no one to lead the meeting, the meeting will take more time than it should because people are waiting for their turn. If they are not waiting, then they are all trying to talk. Therefore when setting a meeting, make sure you set a person in-charge as well to lead the meeting. 4. Keep the meetings as short as possible. Try to keep the meetings as short and efficient as possible. When conducting business, time is money. Therefore the more time you waste, the less money you can earn. Keep meetings short and use the rest of the time for something productive so that your startup can grow faster. 5. Use the last 10 minutes to recap important decisions and task delegations.   When you have a meeting, make sure you use the last 10 minutes to recap important decisions and task delegations. This is important because it will help remind the attendees of the important points in the meeting. This is crucial in very long meetings. In addition, if there are late comers in the meeting, a recap will help them keep up with the decisions made in the meeting.         Here are some related articles that may interest you. 5 Types

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