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One of the most important thing in a business is the people who run it. Hence it is important that you hire the right person to help you run and operate your business. This is crucial in startups because you don’t have the resources to waste with your limited budget. Therefore we decided to help you by giving you these five hiring tips to implement in the recruitment strategy for your startup.

1. The recruitment process never ends.

Employees come and go. That is the cycle of business recruitment and we can’t change that. Therefore instead of changing the inevitable, you should prepare yourself for it. Always be in a lookout for replacement for your staffs. This is crucial when you’re a startup because you cannot afford an average staff, you need talents. The problem is that talents are takes time and are hard to find. Hence by being in that constant state of recruitment, you can ensure that you always have a talent in mind to replace the one that is about to leave.

2. Honesty is key.

Just like any other relationships, you have to honest with your employees from the very beginning. At the hiring process you have to be clear, what you want that employee to do, what their benefits and salaries are. You have to tell them what your expectation for them to be and whether they can meet it. If you are not honest from the beginning then it will become a hassle in the future as you would have to repeat the recruitment process if they leave or you decide to dismiss them.

3. Find candidates that wants to learn and grow.

Find candidates that wants to learn and grow, this is an important tip to take. If you find a candidate that is applying because they want financial gain rather than growth, this could mean two things. First being that they will leave immediately if they receive a better financial offer from your competitors and second being that they won’t perform to their maximum effort. If you find candidates that wants to learn and grow, they might not have the best credentials compare to the other candidates. However they will work the hardest in order to show their worth to the company. In addition that eagerness to learn and grow will drive them to perform well. In a startup you don’t need an employee from an ivy league, all you need is someone with the passion with you who is willing to give it their all so that everyone can grow together.

4. Hire Millennials.

Unlike the individuals from the older generations, millennials tend to prefer freedom in comparison to the tradition work culture. Millennials don’t care about how many hours they put into their work, just as long as they can show good results. Millennials strive better with passion rather than financial incentive. This makes them better employees for startups due to startup’s limited budget in recruitment. Millennials also have high level of energy to put in to their work due to their youth and are very good at thinking outside the box in order to make the situation more convenient for them. Although millennials do not as much working experience compared to the older generation, might not have the same work ethics as the older generation and riskier to hire when compared to the older generation, they will stick with your company through hardship if their passion and ideals are align with you and your startup.

5. Create a company culture that will attract talents.


Just like Google, Facebook and other popular companies among talents, there is a common variable that makes them that popular. That common variable is company culture. The company culture sets a stereotype of their employees that attracts potential talents to come to them. Hence only employees that fit their standard, belief and lifestyle will apply for a position in the company. In addition because the employees feel comfortable in the company because of their working lifestyle, it will be harder for competitors to hijack your talents.





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