December 2015 - Ideabox

December 22, 2015 | Blog, Mentor

Effective Project Management with Andoko Chandra


From the Ideabox Family!

It’s now two weeks before we end 2015, and we, the Ideabox Family, would like to thank everyone who have been supporting us this year. It has been a great years, we had our ups and down, but everything ended in a high note as we finish up in creating our MVP products. As we enter the year 2016, please look forward to good things to come from our Ideabox Family. This week we focused in Project Management as our mentor from Weekend Inc., Andoko Chandra, came to talk to us about effective project management.

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December 10, 2015 | Blog, Mentor

Talking about UX with Ketut Sulistyawati

On November 27th, our mentor from Somia, Ketut Sulistyawati, came to Jakarta to visit our Ideabox Batch 3 teams. Miss Sulis advised the teams that when creating a site or an application always use user’s language, because not all users understand the technical terms we use as developer of the product. You should also make system status visible so that the users can know what’s currently going on. Always give users control and freedom to use the site or application. Lastly, allow them to undo their mistakes or even better try to prevent them from making errors when using the site or application. Continue Reading

December 07, 2015 | Blog, Events, Mentor

Launching and Scaling Start-up with Andreas Ehn & Lisa Enckell

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and Wrapp, two of our valued mentor, Andreas Ehn and Lisa Enckell, decided to visit us in Kejora on November 25th all the way from Sweden to talk about their experience in creating a start-up. They talked about the mistake they made in Wrapp, where they expanded in different countries when they were not ready and not willing to expand. Eventually they had to close down their overseas branches and return back to Sweden. Continue Reading