November 2014 - Ideabox

November 25, 2014 | Mentor

Kent Nguyen (Silicon Straits) – Product Management

Kent Nguyen is Web and Mobile application developer at Silicon Straits Foundry. Silicon Straits is an innovation tribe that is building a better platform for designers, engineers and entrepreneurs to get together, be inspired, make things

and start and grow companies.

The objective for this session is so that each startup need to know about product management/manager is not same with project management/manager. First and foremost they can develop their product to get better apps/sites for users. It is talking about make more money from their product.

Product Management isn’t same with Project Management, why? Because the product manager was manage the business model till get some feedback from users and develop the version release to

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public. It’s all talk about “end to end through process”. They need to know the users and they needed for. Once the product manager deploy the product, they can’t turning back till got some feedback. Product Assistant is obviously needed for this progress.

We need Slack Integration for operate all the progress of business model. We need to build to do list – doing – done. All coding, design, beta testing, product deploy, bug tracking, customer support, and feedback are integration with this one. There we can see the visible and invisible even to be fixed. We can see the project from to do list till executed and be done

Then we need to minimal viable product too from business model to get feedback by the fastest ways or cheapest one. Don’t rely on technology to get this be done, you just need a hundred of user for get feedback to manage the entire process. By using this stuff, we can save an hour to improve they own agencies.

Now, We need to focusing to get integrated our product and amanage it by the flow process of development. Good luck!

Written by Febrianto Ade Candra from Gogonesia

November 18, 2014 | Mentor

Intellectual Property With Ari Juliano Gema

Meet Ari Juliano Gema, a senior associate of Assegaf Hamzah & Partners, one of largest law firms in Indonesia (Asian Legal Business magazine, 2012). He has a wealth of experience advising both domestic and international clients in a wide range of industries and sectors, especially in telecommunications, information technology and intellectual property right (IPR) fields. We had a chance to sit and talk with him

about intellectual property which is one of a very vital thing that we should know whenever we are going to make a start up business. We want to get informations in legalling our products in terms of trade marks, copyright, patent, etc and we were hoping that he will provide us every information in register our product and company under the law of intellectual property in indonesia. After the session, we learnt that we should start to put our most basic idea of our product, even if what are we

going to make or produce were still a business idea, Starts from the name and the business model. Because sometimes other company may have the same idea and legalize their own product before we know it. This might be a difficult situation when we are going to convince the judges that we are the first one who found this exact name and business model when they have the proof and you don’t. Pay attention on every details of your product and your company. You need to know exactly which part of your product or your company that needs to be register as your intellectual property. And also pay attention when the products or any small things which are inspired from other company or any type of business. When they realize that you are making something similiar with their product or even simillarities in designs, name, and even pronounciations, They have the right to sue your company for violating the copyright. Some cases might be solved by paying fines but some cases end up with spending some time in jail. The conclusion of this session is : in the future, physical assets are going to be very limited and natural resources are going to be depleted. When that time comes, The only thing that keep your company alive is the Intellectual property. Written by Wifimu Team

November 14, 2014 | Mentor

UX session with Dian Soraya and Risa: How to Build User Interaction and Get Feedback

Dian Soraya and Risa from Somia Consulting came to Ideabox for the usability portion of the curriculum, and from them we learned more about the process. From the sketches, we can build a user interaction scenario and have users use our app.

The big change this process taught us is in how to build user perception and get feedback at a very early stage.

Most startups and smaller companies make design decisions based on just two things: what we thought was awesome and what the client wanted to see. We built interaction based on what we thought worked — we designed for ourselves. The focus was on aesthetics and the brand, with little to no thought of how the people who would use the website would feel about it. Continue Reading

November 10, 2014 | Mentor

Empathy by Standing in Your Customer’s Shoes

Dian Soraya, a UX consultant from Somia Consulting, delivered the talk on the topic of Customer Research for building good UX. The objective of the talk is to show the teams the proper methodologies in user research. The ultimate aim is to canadian family pharmacy viagra help the teams in building good UX for their apps, because good UX design only comes from good user

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research. Continue Reading

November 06, 2014 | Mentor

Engage People Emotionally with An Interesting Story

There is something about a good narrative that engages our minds and even our emotion. Telling story make people remember of us. That what someone expert in content strategy called Patrick Searle said to us. He has years of experience in Digital Marketing Strategy, Social Media Marketing in China and Indonesia. He used to be Head of Social, Social@Ogilvy Indonesia. And now he is the owner of GetCRAFT, Indonesia’s premier content marketing platform. Continue Reading

November 05, 2014 | Mentor

Q&A Session about Startup Legal with Vichi Lestari

Vichi Lestari is an experienced corporate and tax lawyer with an expertise in venture capital, M&A, investment strategy, outsourcing, tax compliance, financial reporting, and advisory services (corporate finance, valuation, due diligence, litigation and arbitration). Besides that, Vichi also assist as an pharmacycanada-rxedtop advisor for the Indonesian Ministry of Industry. The objective of this legal session is to ensure that all startup understand the difference between PT, CV, UD or Perorangan and the importance of establishing a right foundation for the company. Vichi cannot emphasize more that all startups need to be serious about establishing a PT as it is related with tax. She experienced that some startup started for 3-4 months and left the PT inactive when they decided not to continue their startup. Continue Reading

November 05, 2014 | Mentor

Team and Business Model Session by Andy Zain

Andy Zain is the Managing Director at Mountain SEA Ventures, a startup accelerator & tech company builder in Southeast Asia. Prior to joining Mountain, held position as Director in SkyBee Tbk, an Indonesian Stock Exchange (IDX) listed company in technology, media & telecommunication sector. For the past 19 years, Andy has been a serial entrepreneur, an executive, an advisor & involved in setting up businesses for several high growth startups including mig33, Vuclip, Deezer, UC Browser, Payfone, The Mobile Gamers, mimopay and work with global brand clients such as Disney Mobile, Yahoo! Mobile, Cartoon Network, EA Games, and Gameloft for their go-to-market efforts. In this topic meeting, we learned about what it means to have a complete team.
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