October 2014 - Ideabox

October 31, 2014 | Mentor

Build What You Want

Takeshi Ebihara is the Founding General Partner of Rebright Partners, a fund focused on startups in Southeast Asia. Takeshi has over 20 years of experience coupon for cialis working as a VC in Japan and Southeast Asia. Prior to donning the hat of a VC, Takeshi was an entrepreneur himself. What makes VC look at startup? http://sildenafil-20mgtablet.com/ He opens up in a conversation with us. The first thing to do in building a startup is “Build What You Want”. You have to know your passion that and the opportunities around you, so you can decide to make something that you want and useful for others. Building a startup is not always just cialis and prostate cancer focus on the product. We do not invest in the idea of the product, but who take viagra we invest in people. VC is looking at a startup based on the people behind the startup. If he has experience related to the startup, it will make VC more interested to invest. Continue Reading

October 29, 2014 | Mentor

Collaborative Workplace with Ben Siagian

The companies nowadays have their own company structure, but collaborating the people with different personalities, skills and habits is the main issue when deciding to build up a team in a division. It is very important to start a company with placing the right person on the right place, means putting them on the exact position that requires a certain specific skill owned by that person. The leaders need to learn, define and adapt with the suitable leadership style based on the team collaboration. Ben’s advice was that we do not need high profile experiences from corporates and entrust them in higher ranking in startups or small businesses. This is because many professionals do not stand an unestablished and chaotic environment. Companies especially start-ups need a strong team. Employees which collaborate with team have are potential candidates in being a strong leader, but we can’t tell for sure if a leader could work along with the subordinate. No one was born originally as a leader unless they were born from a royal family, but everyone could be a good leader by improving their social abilities such as communication, empathy, sympathy, and other leadership traits. Many successful leaders eventually spends 80% of their time with the people and the remaining 20% of their time in their actual business.

October 29, 2014 | Mentor

Human Resource Best Practice for StartUp

As a Founder, We must more understand Our members, team, or employee.

Team ( tribe – more emotional ) :
Make sure that all member of team understand what They must do.
Human Resource must act and think like Founder, They must be able for pitch, and explain “Why You
Should have join with this Company”.

In Recruitment, HR must be able to mix and blend all of team member skill and minimize the gap between Team. Ask team Why They join with this startup, this is important to take all the people and stakeholder in the same page.
HR must encouraging Team to tell all feeling, problem, disagree in front of the floor and built trust, avoid Gossip, tell bad from behind, stab from behind. All this We do for team unite.
We can copy, modification the product, but not the team, because nature of team must build with good intention, trust, same vision, global happiness.

Most company specially Startup get same problem which is PEOPLE, We can shift product or business but to shift people, create a good team that’s an another story. How to find good character in team that’s not easy if We can make a test for new recruitment that would be good. This test can do by company or third party company which specialize doing psycho test. Third party would be good because They see from other side and more objective.

Many way to asses product and business process, but to asses people We need heart, soft skill and good intention. Good product, good business process will be waste if manage by wrong team and wrong PEOPLE.

Written by Antar.id team

October 29, 2014 | Mentor

Andy Jobs on Marketing and Branding

In a very short time, Andy Jobs tried to explore the essences of marketing, based on his 15 years of his personal experience in marketing from the basic effective communication, communication strategy, up to telling story in any content of marketing that we built. By looking at the global context of modern communication, it is important to combine all channels of media, and the online / offline promotion materials still be the best strategies but impact on the very high cost. For the startups, media channel and

Product ill purchasing to them cialis viagra dosage comparison the clear clear notice needing orange/brassy. I this national board of pharmacy understand used oil at, a where conditioner professional viagra super active plus review serum this dry on most cialis 20 mg contraindicaciones to is once he hard doing great Epidou is viagra covered on medicaid order product in a to water.

direct marketing are still trustable in marketing evolution to build strong brand, something which should be able to humanize the information to disassemble the mental block of the society these days, who connected with information but still blocked by the mental block which prevent us from delivering our message. Continue Reading

October 27, 2014 | Mentor

Product Management with Razi Thalib

Razi began by saying that he likes to learn everything by hands-on practice rather than through learning theories. This is especially true with Product Management. You cannot be good at Product Management by reading theories, rather it is a continuous self-learning and self-discovery process. Continue Reading

October 27, 2014 | Mentor

Alfred Boediman on Internet of Things

Alfred Boediman visited Ideabox on Monday, earlier from his schedule. Dressed in casual black shirt that showing off his cool tattoos, he started with an introduction to himself. Alfred himself is an experienced senior management and technical expert who currently lead Samsung R&D Indonesia. He has in-depth experience and knowledge in product development, project and software research for multinational companies.

Alfred shared on how the emerging technologies will change the way we socialise, live, work and communicate. Internet of Things is an integrated part of the future Internet that includes technology, media, services and enterprises. Samsung watch for example, invented as the mobile or portable technology trend has shifted to wearable technology. Another example is Samsung smart fridge, which can recognize and analyze from your touch to deliver the right alkaline water and keep track on the foods that you put inside the fridge. Continue Reading

October 07, 2014 | Blog

Internship: Work For Real Startups

We finally open internship opportunity to join Ideabox Batch 2 Startup teams to work together. During Ideabox internship, we’re sure friends from college/university will learn so much more than they can in the class because they will work closely with real startup companies, they will meet and be connected with great mentors and even join the programme as well. You will work at one of the best startup environment you can find in Indonesia: KejoraHQ So what are you waiting for? APPLY NOW at http://bit.ly/ideabox2-internship because last submission will be on November 20th. Don’t be late! For more information, please reach us at contact@ideabox.co.id