March 2014 - Ideabox

March 04, 2014 | Events

Founder Institute: Bootstrapping & Fundraising

TOPIC: Bootstrapping & Fundraising This is part 1 of the bootstrapping sessions. We will explore this topic from various sides, from enterpreneurs, legal and investors themselves.
1. William Tanuwijaya, Founder of Tokopedia
2. Aston Goad, Foreign Advisor at Ivan Almaida Baely & Firmansyah Law Firm (“IAB&F”)
3. Adrian Li, Founder of Qraved, experienced in raising funds
4, Antonny Liem, CEO of Merah Putih Inc.

What are the various

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ways to capitalize your company in the very beginning? How do you ask friends and family for money to support you? What are the advantages

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and disadvantages of bootstrapping? What do local angel investors require before making an investment? How do you develop a target list of appropriate angel investors? What materials are required to raise angel investment? What milestones should you look to achieve next? How do you set your six month and twelve month objectives in the very beginning? How should you think about selling the business or exiting the business?